And the happiness comes..

Happiness - a word that an individual searches for throughout his/her life. And merely, is it just a word? A feeling, an overwhelmed expression.. a reason to cheer and put a smile on one's face. Some long for it throughout their life and some revel in each and every moment.   Here lies the whole story. It entirely depends on oneself whether one has to remain happy or complain about the minutest of the occurrences in his life. 

What makes us happy? Anything that delights our heart, anything that gives you an ecstatic feeling of rejoice and makes you wonder how beautiful my life is..Some people need reasons, others make it a point to rejoice in each and every moment, if in case, there is a void, they wait for it to be filled. Optimism takes a winning seat and surely, happiness comes. Some people are happy because others are happy because of them. The count is few but non, they exist. Help someone today by any means, in any way they are in need of. You will find that happiness and you should feel happy because the smile, the happiness, the cheerfulness -- all exist because of you, and solely you. 

Charity begins at home and happiness starts from your heart. All the happiness you will ever find lies in you. You are the in charge of how you feel and why do you feel like that. No one is to blame here.  
Happiness is a conscious choice. Live to love and embrace the life as it is. And you see, you will be in a complete harmony with the life you are leading because,

Happiness comes on its way with contentment and hope - the hope that happiness will double in its stock in the coming years ;)

Cute na ? :) 


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