Am I perfect now?

Every woman aspires to look beautiful. She keeps on critiquing herself about her looks and is always on a stride to look beautiful. No matter how much you deny, but it happens because we are driven by the norms of the society. A physically attractive woman is much welcomed by others gets the most attention and is much in talks. I feel it's the hollowness of our mind because we fail to appreciate the true worth of a person. If not much, she starts to feel bad about her looks. Why? Why can't we be comfortable in our own skin? 
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Beauty is not what you see but how you see it, feel about it. Why do we always need to objectify it? You smile and you carry the beauty in it. We always try to collude with a culture that makes many of us physically inadequate. Right from the childhood, there's this every girl's favorite doll, Barbie. Every girl wants to be like her, have that flawless body and meet the prince charming who is just as perfect as her. Nature has stored its beauty in each of its elements. We are a vital part of it. By 'we', I do mean each one of us.

It is amazing to see that we live in a world of delusion where our minds are burdened with a mere thought of being glamorous and sexual. Needless to say, beauty is skin deep. It's in our hearts, our words, our thoughts. It is not only about how you look but about how do you feel about the way you look. 

Be not the slave of your outer looks, go deeper, plunge into yourself, realize what makes you beautiful inside and out.  Be happy and take pride in who you are. Feel strong. Embrace yourself because it's not only about looks.

Flawed, we're truly interesting, truly memorable, and yes, truly beautiful.
― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

For the people who love you and for yourself, you are beautiful already. Perfect in the sense you do not judge yourself by what others think about you but about how do you feel about yourself!

Much love.


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