PERFECT is boring!

Our story #1: We talk about random stuff from school, music, movies, personal lives, likes and dislikes. Whatever, we have between us, the thing I am sure at is I love his company more than anyone's and may be, if he feels the same. I am a stereotype girl in the sense I never talk about my feelings so openly yet, always express about how I feel with him. The feeling exists because I can see the same bunch of excitement in him as well. Life takes a twist down my life and one day he shows me a picture of a girl, presumably his girlfriend. Girlfriend? Yes. 
I feel bad not in the way I am heartbroken  but plainly, sad for the times I have spent with him. I am still too young to understand if I really 'love' him or is it just a teenage attraction. I'd pretend I do not really care when I see those lovey dovey things from 'their' side. But yes, I do. Somewhere, I feel bad. Things go on for a few days like this..I try to be normal self. Or rather talk with other guys to show that I don't care?
Our story #2: Suddenly, I experience another twist and I see the same guy admitting that he loves me. I pretend to be too sure of that I love him too. The feeling behind it? I'd not want to lose a chance. I come to know that his girlfriend thing was a hoax to see, if it mattered to me. The so called teenage love, which is too uncertain to admit it as being true grows. The love is out of innocence. As it grows with time, the frame widens. Is it now the story of two souls? Or our extended relations too play a role? Our priorities answer it all..
Our story #3: We have grown mature with time. We are together. We share the same bond of love. Out of all the share of ups and downs, we have emerged into two powerful souls and created a niche for ourselves in the big, hell of a world and people. I see an image of myself in his eyes. I try to give back as much as I can. I don't feel good when he is with other women. Neither does he. That's the feeling of being possessive. The other issues still linger. Distance plays its role in both ways. Conflicts do arise. Even if we patch up, the differences remain. Guess, we have tried to live with them for the selfish motive that it is too impossible to do without each other. The path lies ahead of us and we have decided to traverse together. 
Our story #4: Married and happily lived ever after as they say. Yes, we have committed to stay together, trying to find happiness in small portions. We still try to be exciting for each other, romance like teenage guys and fight like two little kids who patch up after a while. Our perceptions in certain issues make a whale of a difference. The occasional brawls lends us excuses to abuse each other. Yet, we have deep respect for each other. He is short tempered and so, I remain quiet for the time until the anger subsides and I can make way for my reasons as well. He knows what I want and fulfills it at the wink of an eye. That way, we stay, with our own arguments, flaws, abuses, respect and love, the last of which is immeasurable.
"Perfect is boring, human is beautiful"
                                                     - Tyra Banks
Much love,


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