Die, Bitch. Die

The other day when I came across this picture, I felt the words were so apt. And the word is now a fad which is almost seen in one or the comments on Facebook.

 "Bitch! you look so beautiful!" 

How could you use a word with a negative connotation to admire someone? Doesn't it sound like an oxymoron? There are better ways to admire! 

And when you use it to cast a slur on others or simply showing your disgust, there are even better ways to do that ;) If you feel, "bitch" denotes coolness, you certainly need to get over it. And, if you always use it to refer to a particular gender, I feel everybody's a bitch at one or the other time. Talking about its true form, It emanates when you could least likely recognize, not intended ( or maybe :D) but that is how it actually goes. Therefore, it is relative :D This post is not about criticizing the much "loved" word but to look at it with a deeper vision. I feel the context matters a lot and by it I mean -- the person, place and the time.

Fads are to be followed but not blindly. You need to be wise enough to use it in a suitable context ( It's good to be bitchy sometimes! :D) Why? Because, it vents out the negative and brings in the guilt about why did you think that way. At least, for me it does. 
Be good. Be bitchy(!) and every time you are one, say it to yourself, "Die, Bitch. Die."
Enough said.

"Bitch! So nice of you to read the post"

Does it make me any cooler?? 
I wonder.



  1. nice thought and a whole new perspective!! Gud work..
    Bitch is never a cool world for me coz I take it as an insult to my very sophisticated, obedient and much loved female dog!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha! well said :) It indeed is!



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