Tougher life ahead..

I miss home. I miss being late for the bus to my coaching and then bugging my dad, almost half asleep to make him drive as soon as possible, ignoring his scoldings to be in time. I miss how relieved I used to feel with a mere thought that I 'd be home soon after the day's long schedule.

Rewinding my life to a few days back, I wonder life was pretty easier then. The fact that change is only thing which is not constant is showing its true colors now. A flipside of my life has begun - my life at IIM-INDORE (called as Planet-I truly). 

Until the time, I actually started the journey,it all appeared to me as a folklore in which 450 individuals were raised to be warriors in defense of their very own territory- their destiny. It was a constant battle for all and the best of the lot emerged to be victorious.I wondered whether I would be one of those mighty warriors to be able to stand up for myself. A mixed feeling entered my heart every time I thought about this. Nervousness gripped me but more than that the excitement to experience a change showed which was obviously for the better..
With all the randomness in my mind about how would I feel away from my family, I began a new life a month ago. I was a day scholar until my graduation days and living away from home appeared difficult to me at the first instance. But, as is always the situation in an I.I.M., the exams are the only days where you can sit in your room with the "only" tension of studying in the mind.The rest of the days, you are completely hooked with one or the other activities. Well ofcourse, unless stated,the choice entirely depends upon you :p

Life definitely was not pretty easy for me as the journey took off. It is generally an illusion among the people that after you are in in I.I.M, your life is all set. But non, the sentence is still incomplete. The life is "set" to embrace the whole new challenges and the competition which starts right from day one to grill you completely. And the positive face of it shows that KAIZEN has the power to bring infinite small improvements in you that your life has a whole new meaning after you realize that you actually begin to love accepting challenges and move out of your comfort zone.

In a month, there were situations which disappointed me and made me weak at times. In the gradual time, I realized that there are two options, one is that I am no better than others and the counterpart, I can always do better than the best I performed in the last time. I choose the second one..and I have started embracing the change, a change to accept every challenge and every opportunity to learn and improve on my shortcomings, a change which I'll make sure is constant!

The sun will shine, I wonder!
Happy wondering folks !:)


  1. Well written, All the Best for planet I !!!

  2. I like the choice you make - to do better than your last best. If everyone learns this, the world will be much happier, free of bad feelings against each other.
    Nonetheless, really like your writing. All the best :)

    1. True that. But alas, people consider it beyond the norms to survive in a B school.

      Anyway, thank you so much for your appreciation. :) Best wishes for you as well :)



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