My precious.

I love the word "precious". It urges in me a sense of my belongings. My own things. My own people. With so many vicissitudes in the garden of life, you know your precious will lure you  into a world and you don't have a hint how ridiculously amazing your life has become. You call it an illusion. Perhaps, what matters is the feeling within.
You may think these are the baits and the world is kind of a rattrap. But I say, these things are necessary. Almost all are stuck in the cobwebs that these precious things build. They have a charm, you have the fascination. You have love, you have a feeling of possessiveness and a sense of protection. You are afraid to lose the much valuable possessions.

I say, this is good. They teach you to be humane. They teach you to show tenderness, affection. They teach you to live life.
I have a lot many things and people added to "My Precious" list.

How amazingly beautiful my life is!
And yes, Did I forget to mention how much I loved the character of Sm√©agol in the LOTR Trilogy! 
I am sure, you'd have liked it too :D (Remember, MY PRECIOUS!)

Cheers! Happy Summers! :)


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