Stolen love..

Never did I understand the intricacies of life
Never will I do now
I wish the time takes us back
To the moments we really wanted to stay..
To the sunshine that lingered
To the laughter that stole a beat from the heart
To the happiness that 'd never fade from the smiling faces
To those cuddles, to those whispers
To that sweet feeling ever again I wanted to stay

Do you see the reasons for these? 
I see,
A feeling of love burning in the darkest hour with all the might
With all the strength it could gather to hold the two back
To never let go the smile and be loved thereafter
And always make the two of us say,"I am always there for you"

Will this love defeat?

You are the angel
You are the air I breathe
With you, it's everything or nothing
How can I let go.. you?

I hold back, you should come
This is the time, this is our duty
To fight against all the odds
For I know, we have to be together
For the sake of love.. 


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