Celebrate motherhood !

An angel born to rise above all.She is an epitome of love, bliss and fortitude. She is the creator of all species, she is the gift from God and a few are lucky to nurture it throughout their life. She is our friend who seeks every way to see a smile on your face in adversity, she is the love, she is the person to gift yourself with a life..she is a mother.
She is synonymous to God. A divine beauty of how God is incarnated into an individual truly describes the essence of being a mother. Mother Nature has bestowed us with elixirs of life, yet when you look at those eyes depicting unfathomable love for you, that gentle touch which can eliminate the worst of the pains, nothing compares the pristine.
A mother's love is incomparable and transcends all the relationships. Every individual, every species on this earth is blessed with an invincible originality of understanding the language of mother love. You don't speak a word, she understands it, such is the comeliness of a mother-child relation. The strength of motherhood is greater than the nature laws. It gives you the peace you have been longing for.
I feel amazed how God has created an exemplary of perfection, adorned with such invaluable characteristics that none in the whole universe can correlate with.
I am laconic.

I pay a tribute to all the mothers on this earth for bearing that excruciating pain of bringing another life into existence, for selflessly loving her children with all her might, for being there with us always.

When it comes to love, MOM is the word.
Mother's day is approaching. It's time to show some love.


  1. Beautiful Post!
    The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness :)



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