Miss childhood !

Brother: Surbhi, let's dress up, we'll ask Jeannie to take us into the universe and enjoy  the ride.        
Me       : Oh really ! Let me do that. I'll come in just a minute.
             Mummy, I am going into the universe and Jeannie will take us.
Mummy: Who is going along with you?(Laughs) 
Me       : Brother.
(Everybody in my family shares a laughter. While my innocent mind is indulged in the fantasies and is preparing for the "what-to do" list during my space journey :D)

How innocent is childhood! Unaware of the intricacies, it carves its own niche and chooses its own characters to play the roles it wants. I still remember how I was fooled by my brother but, the pictures of my fantasies of my rendezvous with the "I dream of Jeannie" 's character "Jeannie" have left an indelible mark in my mind. I remember them now, and I feel happy.
The best phase of one's life, a phase which makes you experience the good and the bitter in it's own way. A phase of learning, a phase of innocence..childhood is a kingdom where nobody dies. 
Remembering the good old times, whether it would be running after the "light wala keeda" which we called "jugnu" or imagining the piles of sand to be hillocks, where we could go to spend our summer vacations, or fighting with our mates for no obvious reasons and excluding them from every game we play and then patching up the very next day -- all these things relate to the eternal bliss..living carefree, in a magical state of the life!

A lovely feeling enters my heart now. You? I feel child like.I wish I could go back into the time and steal those moments away so that I live them now to ensure that my face never loses a smile. 
Or I wish I 'd have never grown old. How easier would life be then?
Miss childhood.

I still dream of Jeannie. Will she ever come ?


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