Oh! You lazy bum!

My conscience: "S, get up. You should complete this work in time so that you don't rush through"
S: "Yes. I think you are right. This always happens. This time, it shouldn't happen the same"
After some time:
C: "you wasted the time again. Doing NO--THING!!"
S: "Ugh. When will I understand!!"

When will I? I have been trying to answer this question to myself since the past 12 years, say. For the rest of the gone 9 years, I was an obedient bachcha. In fact, I wondered then, who's speaking from within me, when I am not :D Haha.  if I ever be able to get over it?  I seem so lost now when I am counting the times I completed my work well 'before' time. Wait, I remember one instance..yes, when I..I ..

I admit that I never do things on time. A self realization occurred to me now. Oh! a saint am I. See, I introspect at least :P Well, but to me, this realization is baseless because I do it every time, I realize I am such an idiot and the next time .. woof! I am the same.

I try to change, yes I do. And I will, one day for sure.
Optimism. *gasps*
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