Earth says: Will you aliens, make peace ever?

The most uphill task in being a woman is that we principally dealing with men. The opposite is also true if we think this way. Well, why not? After all, we belong to different planets as John Gray puts it in his book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". Essentially speaking, we do are different, very different and the whole story of who-wins-over-whom begins with a confluence point which is our very own residing planet, Earth.

Let's take it, if men are built physically strong, we are no less. Why God has given us the unparalleled gift of giving birth to a new entity? If we were not, then the whole existence of life would have been irrelevant. Not all, but a few of the masculine counterparts do associate them with power, machismo in the sense that they are superior to women, have the right to catch hold of them, the way they want. This explains it all. It has taken too long to reckon the fact that we are equal, and still the misconception continues.

Oh, and this is not a feminist post by the way. So, while the male readers would be thinking about pulling their socks, ladies, we must also put our thinking caps on because we are no saints. If they exercise power, there are a few of us, who take undue advantage of them being a feminine character, for instance, when men are accused of false allegations, say physical harassment.

While these were the larger social stigmas, the gender war does not end here. Men call us dumb, anxious, crazy and what not. We call them unfeeling and insensitive. While this may be true for some, again, it cannot be stereotyped. Why can't we feel comfortable with the fact that differences occur of which some can be resolved and we must accept them all, cherish them all and make way for love to blossom? 
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We are unique individuals and we need to respect this phenomenon by not coercing ourselves, our decisions, or our thoughts onto one another. Why are we constantly on to this conception about who is superior - The Mars' Men or The Venus' Woman? No one is. You are superior by your deeds and basing this judgement on the gender is surely a ridiculous deliberation. Your claim to superiority depends on the use you have made of your time and experience, irrespective of which gender you belong.

Let's put the whole story this way:
"A woman, without her man, is nothing"
"A woman: without her, man is nothing"

 Co exist. Make peace :D



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